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NBA trade rumor rankings: Anthony Davis trending to Lakers?Anthony Davis dazzles in L.A., possibly giving fans preview of a coming attraction.

Jayson Tatum BOS 91% Start If you are in a league that allows for substitutions during the week Jayson Tatum is a bad value the rest of the week.In terms of total fantasy points he projected to come up 44.8 short of expectations. These public pleas are only a glimpse of the recruiting that occurs through private back channels. Here’s a look at where things stand heading into 2019. He also has excellent timing and touch on his tip-ins and put-backs. Considering how many other scoring options exist on this incredibly talented Kentucky team, it makes sense that they don’t force the issue here. As the season has moved on, his teammates have done a better and better job of looking for him. Brad Penner, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Nov. 1: Hawks guard and oldest player in the league Vince Carter (15) shows he’s still got it with a slick pass around Kings defender Kosta Koufos (41) during the second half in Atlanta.

Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2019.01.14 Pelicans vs Clippers – 46 Pts, 16 Rebs! | FreeDawkins

NBA trade rumor rankings: Anthony Davis trending to Lakers?

Soobum Im, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Dec. 10: Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade (3) and Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) embrace after the game at Staples Center. Soobum Im, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Jan. 13: Mavericks forward Harrison Barnes (40) laments his costly turnover in the closing seconds that allowed Kevin Durant (35) and the Warriors to escape Dallas with a win. Davis’ recent action heated up the speculations that he could be involved in a blockbuster deal before the February NBA trade deadline. But even the most charitable reading of the past few years leaves no room for debate about the bargain facing LeBron teammates. Poised, mature and extremely even-keeled, he shows a terrific demeanor on the floor. LeBron hasn’t been a part of USA Basketball since 2012. A plan that went beyond hoping that Lonzo Ball would get better and wishing for a random, benevolent free agent to be enticed by a change of scenery. In just over 140 minutes without James on the floor this season, Ingram is dropping 27.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 4.4 assists per 36 minutes. What kind of player was he coming out of college, and what areas of his game did he improve the most in to help him develop into arguably the most productive player in the league right now.Follow him on twitter and subscribe to his YouTube page. He also ranked as the best overall finisher (in any situation) around the basket, hitting 78% of his attempts, or nearly 1.6 points per shot. Getting the ball to Davis underneath the basket in a position to score appears to be sound advice for his next coach in the NBA. What’s more, the Lakers have a competitive edge over Davis’ other known suitor, the Boston Celtics, that is getting smaller by the day. So Michael Jordan would probably want to play with him too.” Pels won’t consider trading AD until he turns that down As if Friday night’s 9:30 p.m. tipoff against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers wasn’t enough of a storyline setup, the game is broadcast on ESPN and comes in the midst of New Orleans’ most mediocre month.And if Davis decides to decline it, only then will this whole conversation cross the line from possibility to reality.Sources confirmed general manager Dell Demps is dutifully trying to bolster his roster in an attempt to make noise in this year’s playoffs.

Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2019.01.16 Warriors vs Pelicans – 30-18-7-3 Blks! | FreeDawkins

The Celtics and Lakers Are in an Arms Race for Anthony Davis.

Andy Marlin, USA TODAY Sports Fullscreen Dec. 4: Magic center Mo Bamba blocks a shot attempt by Heat forward Justise Winslow during the first half in Miami. Or heck, maybe it’s all conjecture and the lure of all that Cajun food will be too strong, and Davis will spend future years in Louisiana on a mediocre team with a supermax deal. This is fantasyland stuff, but if the Pelicans were to win the lottery and land a top pick, suddenly they’d become a leading contender in the trade market for other stars. New Orleans can offer Davis far more money than any other team—a “supermax” extension designed for just this situation. Maybe James’ fulsome praise of Davis was simply to get it out there. And other teams will throw their best prospects on the table, too. The front office could theoretically prefer to receive an established player, so the team’s fan interest and attendance doesn’t dwindle. This gives the Lakers a window to orchestrate a trade for Davis before the Celtics can enter the fray. Adding a player of Davis’ caliber would fulfill that promise and immediately vault the Lakers to the top tier of the West. The Lakers aren’t just losing without LeBron — they’re pushing any Davis dream scenarios right out of Staples Center.