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Doc Rivers has mixed feelings on return of Warriors DeMarcus Cousins.

When your upper lip starts sweating you know it’s time to go! We had Section 2 which we got a break on thru our employer. Light up the arena with official NBA Jerseys in a variety of designs and make a splash at the next event. The food is pricey and not that great (go get yourself a bacon wrapped hotdog on the over pass or entrance to the parking lot from the cart vendors). Not enough memorable moments?! Well, we get a four month break before the roller coaster starts up again.And how else do you celebrate the Golden State Warriors’ first championship since the 1974-75 season. It’ll be interesting to see how KD’s usage is affected with DeMarcus Cousins in the mix, but KD is doing enough in other areas to soften the potential blow of Boogie’s return.Taking care of the ball has been huge for Green over his last five with 51 dimes to just six turnovers, averaging 5.8 points, 7.2 boards, 10.2 dimes, 1.0 blocks, 0.6 steals and 1.0 treys. He won’t be scoring much, but he’s back to filling up box scores. Having an elite shot creator on the floor will prevent offensive stagnation. All the people who work at Oracle arena are so nice and helpful. Philadelphia 76ers Oracle Arena (Golden State Warriors) – Oakland, CA Oracle Arena (Golden State Warriors) – Oakland, CA See Tickets Add-Ons Available Add-Ons Available Lineup Golden State Warriors Philadelphia 76ers Venue Info Oracle Arena (Golden State Warriors) Oakland, CA Add-Ons Parking Feb 2 Sat 5:30p Golden State Warriors vs. Plumlee uses his long arms to contest Durant’s shot — which goes in anyway, since Durant himself is long and simply uses that to counter Plumlee’s contest.Once again, Durant is running things from his lofty perch on the low post, with the option of calling his own number, or passing out to an open man on the perimeter. Meanwhile, Curry sneakily relocates from the corner to the wing, with the defender falling for his fake shortly after receiving the ball. He turns on the jets, crosses over Plumlee, and leaves behind a befuddled Nuggets defense for the emphatic slam dunk, which comprised their 51st point of the first quarter. The Nuggets were able to accomplish that against the Warriors — and on some nights, that would be enough to contribute to a victory against the defending champions. They have certainly heard whispers of their demise being scattered around the Association; they have lost to contenders who have been labeled as the usurpers who will finally dethrone them from their status as the gods of basketball; and they have shown signs of falling victim to internal strife and drama. But the Warriors didn’t waste any time in reminding them and the rest of the league that they can destroy anyone who stands in their way, through a Thanosian snap of the fingers. In 2011-12, the Warriors drafted a shooting guard named Klay Thompson out of Washington State. But most importantly we saw a great basketball game. A simple fake allows Curry to go up for the uncontested three. Thompson gets Jokic up in the air with a pump fake, which gives him all the space he needs to drive inside for the slam dunk — a rare sight for the Splash Brother who prefers to score mostly from the perimeter. The Warriors do an excellent job of using off-ball screening to get Durant mismatches on the low post, where he receives the ball and has several options open to him. This action is very difficult for defenses to stop, since they often have to pick their poison — a Durant jumper down low, or a Thompson three from the perimeter. After Jokic scores, the Warriors immediately take advantage of a lumbering Nuggets defense by passing the ball just slightly ahead of Durant. View was pretty good from the “cheap” seats, i can generally see what was going on.

Golden State Warriors vs LA Clippers – 1st Qtr Highlights | January 18, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Kerr says Warriors won’t slow down for Cousins.

There’s just a special feeling of unity that you feel while you sit amongst the crowd and cheer. Unbelievable! I did seen one GSW game against the Sacramento Kings not too long ago back in February 2018, and that game was simply entertaining to watch. Indiana Pacers Oracle Arena (Golden State Warriors) – Oakland, CA Golden State Warriors vs. He may not have Anthony Davis to toss lobs to, but finding an open Curry or Thompson for three is just as good. Golden State Warriors Capital One Arena – Washington, DC Washington Wizards vs. My favorite was the pulled pork sandwich from Wood Tavern though the soup from Wexler’s was not bad. For players as talented as Cousins, the in-between game can produce efficient offense. The Warriors again matched up against the Cavaliers in the NBA finals—which was the first time that two teams met in three consecutive championship series in league history—and continued their dominance by losing just once to Cleveland en route to another NBA title, establishing that Warriors team as one of the best of all time. With Boogie in the starting lineup, Kevon Looney will get bumped back to the bench. In 2012-13, the franchise looked promising by drafting Harrison Barnes, Festus Ezeli and Draymond Green. You can sell the tickets for sure, but mercy me, the cost takes your breath away.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Golden State Warriors – Full Highlights | Jan 16, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Is DeMarcus Cousins’ return just what the Warriors need.

Golden State Warriors Bankers Life Fieldhouse – Indianapolis, IN Indiana Pacers vs. Expect Derrickson to see most of his action with Santa Cruz moving forward. Iguodala reached double figures in the scoring column for the first time since his huge 23-point performance in the Christmas Day loss to the Lakers. Would love to watch many more games if I had the money. We hope the Warriors step up their game when they set up the private lounges at their new arena. I have always been a fan of Pee-wee golf and love to hit a new spot whenever I find one.SOURCE: CBS 5 KPIX 1-4-2019 Have Fun Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money Making A Bunch of Overpaid Jocks Rich.