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Эйр-Кондишен Scott Van Pelt Honors Josh Speidel and UVM Basketball on SportsCenter

Columbus North (Ind.) basketball standout Josh Speidel suffers head injury.

To find out more or to opt-out, please read our Cookie Policy. When she asked Josh if he had a sister named Jamie, his eyes tracked to yes. He started working as a part-time volunteer group instructor at Brown Elementary in Seymour, where his mother works as an assistant principal.
NCAA Men\u0027s Division I Basketball Tournament

Josh Speidel returns home to Indiana with Vermont basketball team

Duke center Bolden will return for tournament.

This is his team, and they are the reason he is here. Coffey finished with 16 points and a pair of assists in the win. So often with brain injuries, you lose who you are. Ole Miss isn’t exactly full of world-beaters, but I do think that Breein Tyree and Terence Davis are dudes. The problem with that is that UC Irvine is a really good defensive team that actually leads the nation in defensive two-point field goal percentage. They say he has already come further than his doctors expected. We’ve gone from there to now where I’m talking to my son.” They can tell you about the first weeks after he awoke from his coma, when he still had no speech or alert responses. When the rest of the Columbus North class of 2015 gave him a standing ovation, Josh did something remarkable: He stood to accept his diploma. But that plan, along with how long it could take for their son to recover, is unknown.
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Tribute to 2015 (Vermont Commit) 6’7″Josh Speidel

Dozens of Kentucky, Southern Indiana natives playing in NCAA Tournament.

Josh, by the way, is doing remarkably well, all things considered. The family has been part of the community for nearly 50 years. I want to slow down today’s practice, I want to slow down film sessions. And this has allowed him to continue to be Josh first and then the brain injury second. NEWSLETTERS Get the IndyStar Motor Sports newsletter delivered to your inbox We’re sorry, but something went wrong The latest news in IndyCar and the world of motor sports. But for those unfamiliar with this version of the Catamounts, here are five reasons why you should root hard for them to make a tourney run: Josh Speidel and his courageous battle Josh Speidel’s story has been told several times over by the national media and local outlets, but it deserves mention with the Cats reaching this stage again. He has been seeing a neurologist but it remains uncertain if the tremor is a long-term issue. “I find encouragement that there is still healing in the brain,” Lisa said. “The brain is an amazingly complex thing.
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