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Tyreek Hill’s domestic violence conviction dismissed and expunged in Oklahoma.

Hill was so close to a monster day in the final week of the fantasy regular season and just could not convert. What’s interesting is that Hill enjoyed an impressive 2017 season with the notoriously weak-armed Alex Smith at quarterback. Take a look at the Facebook post Espinal made back in 2017: Crystal Espinal is now in full support of her soon-to-be husband, Tyreek Hill, and cheering him on during his games. He couldn’t quite will them to victory, but it appeared that he was healthy enough to play, which is a good sign for his availability moving forward. The rib injury still bears monitoring, as those injuries can be painful and can linger, but for now, it seems that he will be okay. Hill got going early with a 67-yard first-quarter scoring bomb and hit pay dirt again late on a 15-yard run. That weekend, a reporter asked Hill how he’d avoid repeating his past mistakes. “I just try to choose my friends wisely, you know what I’m saying?” he answered. He told the media he understood why some in Kansas City were distraught by his arrival. “Those guys, those fans, they have every right to be mad at me because I did something wrong and I just let my emotions get the best of me and I shouldn’t have done it.When I reread Clark’s vague comments in the wake of the 2015 draft, it occurred to me that Hill’s apology was unusually direct — a sign of the changing times, I thought, or improved media training.Although I was disappointed in the Chiefs for picking someone who had done what Hill had done — choked, rag doll, manhandling, pregnant — I struggled with the idea that a man who had accepted responsibility for his crime should be barred from seeking gainful employment and earning an income that would allow him to provide for his victim.

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The Chiefs cut Kareem Hunt, but what about Tyreek Hill?

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“THE CHEETAH” 💥 TOTY Tyreek Hill & Adam Thielen – Madden 19 Ultimate Team – Jmellflo

The Chiefs cut Kareem Hunt, but what about Tyreek Hill?

She has declined or not responded to multiple media requests—including one from SI—but in a 2015 tweet to an Oklahoma State fan she wrote “I’m the person he attacked.A look at next weekend’s key battles as the next step on the road to the Super Bowl is here. Our position-by-position rankings offer the most up-to-date look at where every top prospect stands against his peers. He was ruled out for the game at the start of the second half. Given that Reed has a history of foot injuries and actually had two offseason surgeries to repair damage in that area, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him miss time and possibly the rest of the season. She was assaulted by Hill back in 2015, and he pleaded guilty to the charges. The next fastest player on the field reached only 18 MPH flat. Not with the image of Hunt kicking a woman still fresh in our minds. Until that happens, we’ll continue to see the inconsistency with which these incidents are handled, leading to more criticism for the league. In one game he had 89 yards receiving, which was a season high.